Qi Gong 1 - Holding the Universal Ball - Beginner Level with Peter Shane (DVD)



Qi Gong (pronounced “Chee Gong”) is a holistic martial art and wellness system that has been studied in China for thousands of years. Over 100 million people practice it on a daily basis, mainly for its gentle way to help them get in shape, slim down and have radiant health. While practicing these simple but graceful movements daily, you will enhance the flow of the body’s life force energy “Chi,” thus cultivating this vital energy for a healthier and a more prosperous life.

This Beginner Level “Holding the Universal Ball” Qi Gong Series is part of one of a three-part series. Each series builds upon the previous one and is a complete, well-balanced system in and of itself. This Beginner Level Qi Gong Series teaches a total wellness system to help promote your overall health and tone and strengthen your body, at the same time improving the function of the five major organs. You will feel increased energy and a greater ability to relax as stress, anxiety and tension just melt away, with the effects lasting long after you have finished your practice.

Actors: Peter Shane
Directors: Peter Shane
Writers: Peter Shane
Format: NTSC
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Shane Health Resources
DVD Release Date: October 8, 2013
Run Time: 63 minutes